Monkey Suit: Nedry, Toodar and Youth in Colour

The Rest Is Noise, 25/03/10

In the laid back atmosphere of The Rest Is Noise, Youth In Colour calmly got into their positions and began the evening. The band, consisting of five blokes and one girl, had an huge selection of instruments, which they managed to juggle with impressive confidence. We’re talking bells, keyboards, guitars, a glock, drums (plus one on its own), a flute, as well as great vocals from Samantha Taylor and one of the guys, (their myspace doesn’t specify who plays what!). So with all these elements could they pull off a tight set? Yes they could.

Their set was lively and uplifting and was intersected with endearing, slightly muffled introductions as well as a ‘Hello Brixton!…I’ve always wanted to say that.’ These guys are just starting out and their myspace explains that they’ve only been able to gig because of their new additional members. You can notice a difference between their live material and their more electro myspace songs, but I reckon they’ll bridge that gap the more gigs they do. They’ve got a rousing sound similar to Arcade Fire but with an extra dollop of playfulness. Their future could be bright, or dare I say, colourful (sorry).

Toodar were the next band up. The band are made up of four blokes and a girl and again had quite a range of instruments, not quite as many as Youth In Colour but a good mix none the less. The male vocalist has an interesting, highly pitched voice and it had smoothness to it that almost verges on soulful every now and then.

They create electro/indie sounding music, with a beat pad, guitar, drums and an accordian interwoven in. It was a succinct set and the acoustic elements worked well with the more produced side of things well. The only problem I found was that it didn’t take me much further than this. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be magically transported somewhere else and a succinct set is important, but I found it on the whole a bit repetitive and one-way. Their music is good but I almost think the songs sound better on their myspace page rather than live, don’t know if that’s a good thing or not?

Onto the headliners and the final act of the night, Nedry. With descriptions on The Rest Is Noise website like ‘shimmering electronica’ and ‘crunching distorted guitars’, I was eager to see what this band would sound like. I wasn’t disappointed one bit. Matt Parker and Chris Amblin play the bass, two macs and a beat pad between them, whilst Japanese vocalist Ayu Okakita also played the guitar. Their music is really extraordinary.

The electro sound they produce weaves in and out of different tempos and moods and is given huge power by the brilliantly-placed dubstep beats. Okakita’s voice is mesmerising and soars above this complex musical footing. It reminds me very much of Bjork’s and Bat For Lashes’ Natasha Kahns’. All in all Nedry created a cacophony of sound that was ever changing and I suppose they provided the intrigue and excitement that the band before them failed to do. An impressive headliner for sure.