Globoloco at Mango Landin’s

Globoloco at Mango Landin’s


Any night with the title of World Street Party is always going to get me interested, especially when I hear it’s happening at Mango Landin’s, which is a great place known by those that know about it. The flyer said the DJs – Karamel and Tom Gato – would be spinning all types of music from around the world: Afro beat, Cumbia, Carioca, Balkan beats, Funk, Latino, Hip Hop, Reggae, Samba, Ska? All of that? They couldn’t possibly tie those all together, could they?

When I arrived, Mango’s already had a party feel going, the place managed to look even more colourful than it already does – it had bunting hanging from the ceiling across the dancefloor with skulls and flowers on it, and the DJ booth was decorated with tonnes of plastic flowers and foliage.

After getting myself a drink and catching up with some mates I decided it was time to get myself dancing, little did I know it would hold me to ransom for so long. The dance floor was packed and Samba music filled the place and then after a while it melted into a the Steel Drum backing of 50 Cent’s P.I.M.P! On its own it sounded like Calypso Hip-Hop. Once everyone realized what they were dancing to, their smiles grew even more. I realised what a sonic mixture was in store for us all.

This was confirmed: Some James Brown got going and then was joined and overtaken by some brilliant Samba music which then melted into Ska. The mix kept mixing. There were Moroccan-sounding tunes which then changed into a carnival sound with flute and trumpet solos, modern Hip Hop, more Ska, Cuban-style music, Reggae (with the classic Toots and the Maytal’s 54 46 Was My Number), bangra sounds and Balkan Beat music were all combined brilliantly with some Dub shivers in between to top it all off.

Phewf! So, let’s re-ask my initial question ‘They couldn’t possibly tie all those sounds together, could they?’ Errr YES THEY COULD! Karamel and Tom Gato mixed the music seamlessly and it was completely impossible not to dance to. Everyone was having a great time, so much so that the crowd made their own makeshift limbo out of scarves! Who would have thought that a World Street Party only needed the small space of Mango Landin’s to create such a great bash. I’m eagerly waiting for the next Globoloco night to hurry up and come!