Interview with the Globoloco DJs: Karamel and Tom Gato

Enjoyed reading about Globoloco?  Then read on to find out  more from the DJs behind the fantastic monthly night at Mango Landin’s…
How long has Globoloco been going?

We held our first Globoloco party at Mango Landin in November 2009 – so we are just over seven months old – I guess that’s when we start getting our first teeth and refusing to go to bed.

What made you choose Mango Landin’s as your venue?

We are good friends with Sue the owner – as we have been Brixton locals for many years. In our opinion the Mango Landin’ is the most unique and colourful bar in Brixton – and tends to attract a really diverse and fun-loving crowd – especially when we play!

Why do you think it’s important to create a different kind of atmosphere on your nights?

Both of us were influenced by the free parties and sound systems of the early 1990’s, that at their best had a very free and creative energy. We just want to create nights that we would enjoy ourselves – parties that are based on having fun and bringing all kinds of different people together in an unpretentious way. 

As I think was clear in my review – I couldn’t get over how many styles of music there were! How did you both collect such a crazy selection of music?

We have both been collecting music for many years, and both have very eclectic tastes. The great thing about music is there is so much out there – so we will keep digging for those gems knowing that we will never reach the bottom of the music mine! Now is a time when there seems to be a lot of cultural crossover and creativity in music, which we love, and are trying to bring to the Globoloco sound.

A couple of the types of music on the flyer (and dancefloor) I wasn’t familiar with, could you explain a bit about Cumbia and Carioca?

Cumbia is from the Caribbean coast of Columbia – it has an infectious rhythm and feeling that mixes really well with other Caribbean musical styles. Weirdly it also blends brilliantly with Balkan Brass from Eastern Europe! This rhythm is so much easier to dance to than Salsa and is therefore a lot more inclusive. Carioca is a Brazilian break-beat style from Rio de Janeiro that encompasses samba and electro plus it works nicely with Country and Western – not really!

Your nights have such a strong carnival vibe. Have you ever thought about taking it further and trying to get a stage at the Notting Hill Carnival?

There’s certainly something special about people partying in the street where they wouldn’t normally, and also there’s a proud history behind Carnival. We’ve both been involved and have enjoyed the Notting Hill Carnival for many years, so it would certainly be a good place to bring our sound to, but why don’t we take it to Rio or any other street party that’ll have us! We’re playing at the knees-up tent at Bestival this year, so come along and bounce around in a field with us in September!

Finally, what do you want people to be feeling at the end of a Globoloco night?