Brixton Oxjam – a brief Q&A: A look back at the music event that did Brixton proud

The dust has settled, the amps have recovered and a lot of money’s been raised. Whether you got tickets or not, you will have no doubt heard of Brixton Oxjam – and if not – why not?! Brixton beats caught up with Jacob Todd (one of the many organisers that made this event go with a bang) to find out how it all went…

Brixton beats: For those that were unlucky enough to miss Brixton Oxjam 2010, can you briefly sum up how the event went? Did it all go to plan?
Jacob: Everything went amazingly well, our biggest fear was that we’d have empty venues.  However by the day of the event we’d sold plenty of tickets online which helped ease our concerns and despite the cold weather the event was very well attended with almost 1000 people attending over the course of the evening. We made well above our fundraising targets and all the feedback we have had, from performers, venues and punters alike has been roundly positive.


Bb: What-if you can say-were the highlights/stand out performances?
J: In terms of highlights of the event one of the stand out things was the support and encouragement we received from the venues, artists and local businesses. Without them Brixton Oxjam simply wouldn’t have been possible.

When it comes to the music we’ve received great reviews across the board. The staple Brixton acts we had –Yaaba Funk and The Illersapiens– were excellent and I feel they played to a whole new audience, hopefully most of whom have become fans! Rokkurro, our headliner act at the Windmill were outstanding; having played through their entire catalogue of music the crowd still wanted more and were delighted when they repeated songs from early in their set. Upstairs at the Ritzy was a delight from early on – packed and with a fantastic variety of excellent music. Finally, the guys who played the middle room of the Dogstar; Main Squeeze, Flipz, DJ Lok and Chris P Cuts had the place absolutely rocking until 4am and that was really something.


Bb: Do you know how much was raised?
J: All in all we raised just over £6000, with more than 80% raised on the night.


Bb: How did this year’s Brixton Oxjam compare with last year’s?
J: We listened to a lot of the feedback from last year’s event. We really wanted to build on the great work whilst also ensuring that some of the problems were overcome. Moving the event from a Sunday to a Saturday was a big help, also reducing the number of venues so that things weren’t too spread out. Finally having advice and help from venue managers and other promoters was a real bonus.


Bb: Are you planning to do it again next year?
J: There will definitely be a Brixton Oxjam in 2011, and we’d like to hear people’s feedback about what they’d like to see, which if we don’t use ourselves will be used to inform next year’s efforts. We are setting up a comments page on Brixton Oxjam ( which we’d welcome people to send in their feedback.

Roll on next year…