Q&A with Fill Yer Boots: A club night with a difference hitting Plan B

This month will see the first night from house and bass night Fill Yer Boots. I spoke to the organisers to find out more…

Can you tell us what people might expect from a typical Fill Yer Boots night?
We call Fill Yer Boots a house and bass night. That’s just general enough to describe what you might hear. We also play techno, dubstep and anything else that works in the atmosphere we create. People should hear something new and be challenged by it, but enjoy themselves too.

The launch night is in a couple of weeks and you’ve got a great line-up. For those that aren’t familiar with KRL and Greymatter, can you explain in a few words what they’re about?
We’ve been following both artists for a while and couldn’t be more excited about putting them on. KRL makes thumping house with these dusty old soul samples, the kind you’d find in a charity shop bargain bin. Anyone can get into it. Greymatter is a first rate DJ and producer. They’re going to kill it!

Wolf Music is KRL and Greymatter’s label, can you tell us a bit about it?
Wolf Music is going to be big. The guys love house, disco and soul, and it shows. They have already released music from the likes of The Revenge, Soft Rocks, Cottam and Eddie C, as well as KRL and Greymatter.

Can you give us a hint as to what nights you might have in store in the near-future?
We’re interested in showcasing more record labels, perhaps from overseas. It means musical chemistry throughout a night, not just monotonous thudding for 6 hours.

You’ve put on a number of events at The Rest Is Noise, what made you decide that Plan B was the next place that needed its boots filled?
Plan B has got to be one of the best venues in London. The Funktion 1 soundsystem moves you whether you like it or not. It’s big enough to attract quality acts, but not so much that you lose your mates every 5 minutes. We’re there as punters all the time.

What does FYB like about Brixton’s music scene in general?
Everyone who lives in Brixton knows that they’re on to a winner. Aside from Plan B, there are loads of bars and clubs putting on all sorts of music. It’s an exciting place to be!

Finish this sentence: Head to Plan B on 22nd January if you…
… want to dance.

Fill Yer Boots presents Wolf Music

Stu Clark & Matt Neale
Leisureware, Daniel Ghazvinie

House and bass at Plan B, Brixton
Saturday 22nd January, 9pm-5am
£5 on the door


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For a taster of the Wolf Music sound