R.I.P. T.R.I.N. : A fond (confused) farewell to The Rest Is Noise

A cold evening and I’m strolling down the high road (picture it if you will), a glance leftwards and what’s this? The Rest Is Noise gutted like a fish? Eh? When did this happen? Why? Who? What?

After rubbing my eyes until they hurt, I realised it wasn’t a horrible dream and one of the busiest bars/venues in Brixton had vanished, without so much as a So Long. I jumped on to Twitter to see if anyone else knew what was going on and I got a mixed response. One bewildered tweeter said they’d been there just the previous Saturday and it had been fine. Another tweeter said they’d heard it might be…a Waitrose.

For the love of the market and Brixton’s character in general. Please. No.

This sent some serious shudders of dread through me and when I retweeted, Waitrose-shaped dread surged through the Brixton tweet zone. This hasn’t been confirmed yet but it does have a ‘Shop To Let’ sign in its window, so we can be sure no pub/bar will take its place.

To be honest, so far nothing has been confirmed. The website’s still up and there was no warning or hint beforehand. Could it be that the flyer of events from Dec-mid Jan was a hint? Maybe but it’s a bit cryptic if it was.

Since I’ve been here it started as The Goose, which was not the greatest place and didn’t get the greatest reviews. Then it turned in to Ivan’s Retreat which changed it completely and gave it a new lease of life. After a few years it changed to The Rest Is Noise but the name was all that really changed; the vibe and décor stayed very much the same as did the chilled atmosphere (perhaps the gnomes and figurines on the ceiling and weird paintings were the only really notable changes).

As a music blog it would be silly not to mention the music – live and dj nights – that it put on regularly. Just like its sister bars e.g The Lock Tavern in Camden, it had a big range of music going on.

Two of my favourite shows that I’ve ever seen in Brixton were at The Rest Is Noise.

The first was Nedry – Their sound is a mix of Dubstep, Electro and Bat for Lashes, they offer something massively different and exciting and The Rest Is Noise realised this too.

If you need your memories jogging here’s my review:

And here’s my favorite song of theirs:

The second show was Gold Panda – I’d heard of him before and was dizzy with excitement to find out he was coming to Brixton. As expected, he was amazing and we were standing only about a meter away from him. I went to Field Day festival the following week and he was there too, only I couldn’t even get in the tent as it was so rammed. I’d been able to see him work his magic to a small crowd in an intimate setting.

Here’s my review:

Here’s one of my favorite tracks of his:

Without a doubt The Rest Is Noise was a fantastic addition to Brixton’s music and bar scene and it will be sorely missed. I’ve tried calling the contact number, sending emails and I also sent an email to its owner company 580 Limited but, sadly, no joy.

Waitrose? Who knows, but do watch this space.

But, to use its own words, The Rest Is History,

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